Women with Disabilities’ Development Foundation (WDDF)
Women with Disabilities Development Foundation (WDDF)

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All types of WWDs of Bangladesh are contributing in nation      more


To support for building discrimination free life with equal dignity through      more


A. To uphold the rights and dignity of WWDs through ensuring their accessibility in      more


To ensure accessibility and appropriate environment in all types of infrastructure.   more

Main Activity

A. Leadership training for women with disabilities
B. Support women with disabilities to fulfill the education ambitions.
C. Publish and distribute information materials about women with disabilities through different type of mass media in order inform the community about their issues and their achievements.  
D. Encourage governmental and non-governmental institutions to take the initiative to carry out sport and cultural programs for women with disabilities.
E. Build national and international network for disseminate information to create the support and solidarity for women with disabilities issues.
F. Advocate and lobby the concern parties to create employment opportunities for women with disabilities in all level.

g. Internation Networking