Women with Disabilities Development Foundation (WDDF)

The estimated number of Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) in Bangladesh, is around 24 million people, which constitutes 15 % of total population. 15% of Population have a disability. Half of these are female. This is 12 Million girls and women with  disabilities (WWDs). These large number of girls and Women with Disabilities (WWDs) in Bangladesh are one of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged segment of the society. They are always discriminated based on gender, disabled and all too often, poorest of the poor. They are frequently subjected to discrimination both directly and indirectly and also negative attitudes and stereotyping. Although there are class differences, all WWDs face varying degrees of discrimination considering types and situations. WWDs are exposed to a greater risk of physical and sexual abuse, for the most part of which takes place within the context of their own families. WWDs often stigmatized and neglected from early childhood, many girls with disabilities are grown up in the lacking of a sense of their own self worth and dignity. Most of them are isolated from mainstream society, stigmatized, mistreated and marginalized. WWDs are deprived of basic needs including access to health service, housing, education, transportation, vocational training, employment, income generating opportunities as well as other social and community activities. inspite of having the responsibility of Bangladesh government to include women in the development process, but all mainstreaming policies have been formulated and declared exclusive of women with disabilities.

Our Recent Activites


Meeting with Director General NGO

WDDF organized a meeting with Director General NGO affairs bureau on 20 September 2016. Mr. Abdus Salam ...

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AIWD program

AIWD program

WDDF is participating in the AIWD program and raise voice about inclusion. I am talking about the ...

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Organized a training on Persons with disabilities Rights and protection Act 2016 collaboration with Abilis Foundation at ...

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meeting with Architect

Meeting with Architect

WDDF organized a meeting with Architect. Abu Sayeed M Ahmed, president of Institute of Architecture Bangladesh (IAB) ...

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Meeting with Mayor

WDDF organized a meeting with North City corporation Mayor MR. Anisul Haque on 22 August 2016. WDDF ...

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Meeting with Munni saha

WDDF organized meeting with Munni saha, ATN News about the media campaign on the barrier faced by ...

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Global Disabled Women's Rights

Advocacy Report March 20th 2016


Annual Report 2015

Brief Description of the accomplished activities:We are concluded the following activities, during the period of 01 January to 31 December 2015